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6.1 Advance renewal

6.2 Payment due dates for renewal, suspension and cancellation conditions














The Policies are the following:


Domain names registry under ccTLD .EC (country code top level domain) is administered by NIC.EC, duly delegated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), through IANA (Internet Assigned Names and Numbers).


See Appendix A. Glossary and definitions are at the end of these policies.


Domain names .EC can be registered directly under .EC , as second level domains and also can be registered as third level domains under the predefined second level domains,,,,,,,,, It is possible that other second level domains exist, that were used in the past and which they can be active, nevertheless they may not be available for new registration. Second level domain definitions are the following:


Uso general.


Commercial use in general.


Information in general.


Providers of Internet Services.


Financial Institutions and Financial Services.


Medical , Health or Pharmaceutical Institutions and Organizations and related with Medicine subjects.


For professionals in general like lawyers, architects, accountants, etc.


Only for Non Profit Organizations and Institutions, or nongovernmental Organizations that are registered in Ecuador.


Only for Educational Organizations or Institutions such as Schools, Universities, Colleges and Institutes registered in Ecuador.


Only for use of the Government of the Republic of Ecuador and its governmental institutions.


Only for use of the Armed Forces of Ecuador.

These classifications, second level domain, can be modified or increased by NIC.EC, changes that will be notified by NIC.EC through its web page with sufficient anticipation.

General conditions for registry will be determined by whatever established in these policies and in the Registry Agreement. There are some specific conditions for certain domains, which will be detailed in these Policies.


Domain names structure will be subjected to the following conditions:

The only valid characters for a domain name are the alphabet letters (A-Z), the digits (0-9) and the dash (-). No accented letters are allowed, neither are "Ñ", nor underlined characters. Capital letters will not be distinguished from small or lower case letters. The first and the last character of the domain can not be the dash.

There will not be allowed two or more consecutive dashes. Minimum length is 3 characters and maximum length is 65 characters. However, even though maximum length is 65 characters, it is recommended a maximum length of 25 characters.

In no case a domain name will be registered when such name:


- Is formed by words or phrases that may turn offensive, harsh or that may affect moral or public order or that may go against Ecuadorian Law.

- Deals with official aspects or subjects without a proper authorization.

- Match with protocol names, applications and terminology of the Internet or domain name terminology , e.g. "http", "web", "www", "ftp", "telnet", "email", etc.

- Match identically and under the same level, with existing domain names within the database of NIC.EC.

- Match names restricted for registry, according to NIC.EC Policies.



To register a new domain, there are two ways: 1. On-line, through NIC.EC’s web page, or 2. Sending all required documentation to NIC.EC’s offices. No matter which way you choose, all conditions and terms are the same for both cases. This means that whoever register in, is deemed to have read, acknowledged and accepted the Registry Agreement and these Policies, and that by registering the domain name, no provision of the Registry Agreement, these Policies or the Law is being violated, neither are third parties rights.


If on-line registration is performed, no documents shall be send to NIC.EC offices, except when such domains are intended to be registered in,,, In such cases, provisions included in Special Provisions section shall be observed. Also, documents must be send to NIC.EC offices, when it requests specific documents in either case.

In order to register a domain name, you should first verify within the Whois, if such domain name have been already registered or if it is available. The domain name that has not been previously registered should appear as available in all the different classifications of the second level. Even though several available possibilities should appear, registration shall be ruled by general terms and conditions provided in these Policies and the Registry Agreement. Such provisions will be accepted on-line. If the person performing the registration do not choose the option "I have read, understood and accepted the Registry Agreement", registry can not be fulfilled.

Further, complete information of the Registrant, the Administrative Contact, the Technical Contact, the Billing Contact and the Domain Server DNS (two minimums) shall be filled in. There are some validations about the given information, however, the responsible for the provided information is the one filing it in. Before the information filing, the person performing the registration could register his user name and password, if he already have them. If he do not have them, he shall register as a new user and such situation shall allow him to determine a user name and a password. If the Administrative Contact have domains registered with NIC.EC and do not know his user name, he shall ask one from NIC.EC, if it has not provided one.

The person performing the registry is the Administrative Contact, who most of the times is the same Registrant or a person on behalf the Registrant. It is deemed that the person performing the registration is duly authorized by the Registrant to perform the registry on behalf the Registrant. Therefore, the Administrative Contact is the one performing the whole process. The invoice shall be issued to the Administrative Contact.

In the Fees’ chapter, are detailed the different fees for periods and by domain, as well as fees for Ecuadorians and entities registered in Ecuador and the fees for non - Ecuadorians. For applying for an Ecuadorian fee, it is necessary to file in the taxpayer id (RUC) or the Ecuadorian personal id. If these are not detailed, it shall be applied a non - Ecuadorian fee although the rest of the information is apparently from Ecuador.

Technical Contact and Billing Contact may be the same Administrative Contact, even though it is recommended to be different persons. DNS information is vital in order to allow Internet users to access the web page or email that use the registered domain name. However, if the DNS technical data is not known or if there is only intended to register a domain name without the possibility of being accessed, NIC.EC will assign two temporarily DNS that could be later modified by the Administrative Contact. The domain registered with the temporarily DNS may be activated but not accessed through the Internet until its data is modified.

Once the information on Contacts and Servers is filled in, you will find the option on the registry term. Minimum term is 1 year, maximum term is 10 years. You will also find the payment option, which are through check, credit card or wire transfer. You will have options for registration for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years, even though some options may not be available for the different second level domain categories. Once the term and payment options are selected, registration process will be finished, and the internal process of NIC.EC about validations, confirmations and invoicing will start.

If a new registry is to be paid for with a check or wire transfer payment option, the domain will be on hold for up to 30 days, term in which the check shall be send or the transfer shall be credited on NIC.EC account. During this term, the domain will not be granted, neither activated, but until the moment or two working days after payment has been received and applied. After the term of 30 days, the domain will be available to be registered by another registrant. A correct payment application shall be subjected to a correct payment information, which means, when payment is being done, it must be specified the domains such payment is paying for. If a payment is received and it is not specified which domain is being paid for, payment will not be applied. In this case, if the fore-mentioned term is through, the domain may be available for another registrant. Once payment is received and applied correctly, NIC.EC will notify the Administrative Contact and the Billing Contact, via email the payment confirmation and the domain activation.

If a new domain is paid for with a credit card, NIC.EC will process the charge authorization, and if such authorization is denied or not given by any reason, NIC.EC will allow the Registrant to change the information provided if it is not correct or specify a different credit card. If new information is not provided or if it is not authorized again, then the Registrant shall choose to pay with a check or to cancel the registry. If the credit card authorization is obtained, the registry process will continue and the Registrant will be notified that request was received correctly. After two working days, NIC.EC will perform several control processes. The ones that turn out positive will be processed invoiced and activated. During such term and until the positive process is fulfilled, the domain will not be activated, the Whois information will not be available and the credit card will not be charged.


If on-line registration is not preferred or is not possible to use or if it is unavailable, the same steps and conditions of the on-line registration shall be followed, but by printing or downloading the forms from the web page, request them vía email or request them at NIC.EC’s offices. These forms are 1. Domain Registry Application Form, and 2. Registry Agreement. Both shall be signed and delivered to NIC.EC’s offices.

Domain Registry Application Form: Is the form in which the information such as Registrant, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact and DNS is provided. The form has complementary instructions beside the ones provided in the On-line Registry section of these Policies.

Registry Agreement: Once the Policies and the Registry Agreement have been read, understood and accepted, the Agreement shall be signed and delivered. There are two types of Registry Agreement, the one available for on-line registration and the one available for not on-line registration. Both their contents are identical, however, you must be sure to send the one that has a space for the domain name and signature on its last page.

If you do not use the on-line registration mechanism, you should be aware of the following:


- It will only be accepted the Application Form that is in force at the time of application, duly filled and signed.

- It will only be accepted the Registry Agreement that is in force at the time of application and duly signed.

- For each domain name, there must be delivered a Domain Form and a Registry Agreement.


No matter if registry is done through the web page or not, the following documentation is required for the registration process on the following cases and must be delivered together with a letterhead letter, signed by the Administrative Contact or the Registrant, stating that such documentation is a backup of the requested domain: Letterhead letter signed by the main representative of the governmental institution of Ecuador that is applying the domain registry for such institution. If the request does not come from the Presidency of the Republic, a Ministry, a Governor’s Office, a Provincial Council or a City Hall, there must also be delivered a document that certifies the existence of such entity and the appointment note of the main representative. letterhead letter signed by the main representative of the institution part of the Armed Forces of Ecuador. In the cases that NIC.EC considers necessary , Ministerial Decision or document that proves that the Registrant is a non-profit organization or association registered in Ecuador. In the cases that NIC.EC considers necessary , certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador that proves that the Registrant is an educational institution registered in Ecuador.

Special considerations for these registries:


- These are registries exclusively for entities registered in Ecuador.

- Domains under and are not subject to payment of registry or maintenance fee.

- Domains under and will not be activated until all documentation is received. Domains under and , the activation is subject to the payment of the registry fee and in the cases that NIC.EC requires additional documentation, the activation is also subject to the reception of the documentation.

- If the Registry under and is requested by a third party, such as an Internet provider, a web page designer, a law firm, etc., it is also required an Authorization Letter delegating such party the process of Registry and Maintenance.

- The names to be requested shall be directly related to the name of the entity or its initials or abbreviations.

- In any of these cases, NIC.EC may request additional information when it is deemed necessary.

- If the registration or renewal is made on line or sending information to NIC.EC office, both the Administrative Contact and the Registrant , which are responsible for the information submitted, also certify and declare that the domains registered under or , the Registrant is an education institution registered in Ecuador certified by the Minister of Education of Ecuador and that in registrations under , the Registrant is an Organization or Association non for profit registered in Ecuador under compliance of the Minister of Welfare (Ministerio de Bienestar Social) .

- Considering the information that must be reviewed, the registration process of these domains may be longer than the usual processes. It will depend on the delivered documentation and that these classifications are reserved and restricted for certain institutions.



Previously registered domains or new domains to be registered may be renewed for one or more additional years. To request NIC.EC the renewal of a domain, the on-line renewal mechanism available on NIC.EC’s web page can be used or there can be requested it on written to NIC.EC’s offices. Some domains shall been registered or renewed for more than a year, therefore, its expiration date shall depend of the chosen period, and, therefore, no yearly renewal shall be requested until the ending of such period. Every domain can be canceled or deactivated before the expiration date. Those domains that are renewed 30 days prior the expiration date, will be subjected to the same payment, suspension and renewal conditions specified on section 6.2 of these Policies. .


6.2.1 For those domains that have not been cancelled or renewed 30 days prior the expiration date of each domain, NIC.EC will issue and deliver an invoice for an additional period of one year to be started on the coming expiration date and will also send an email to the Administrative Contact and the Billing Contact reminding them the expiration and informing them about the issuance and delivery of the invoice. The email shall be send to the registered mentioned Contacts, as the information is deemed to be updated. If the information is not updated and there is any delay or the notification or invoice is not received, the responsible for it will be the Administrative Contact, and also the Registrant. Payment shall be done the following 30 days, which means, until the expiration date of the domain.

6.2.2 If 15 days before the expiration date, NIC.EC has not received the payment, a new email will be send to the Administrative Contact and the Billing Contact, reminding them the expiration and that payment has not been received.

6.2.3 If on the expiration date, payment has not been received, a new email to the same persons shall be send, notifying them that payment has not been received, that their domain has expired and notifying them their domain will be suspended for 15 days after the expiration date, which means 45 days after the invoice issuance date.

Copy of this message is also sent to the Registrant , as well as subsequent notices .

6.2.4 If after the 15 days referred before, payment has not been received, the domain will be suspended and an email will be send notifying the suspension and the notice that if in 15 more days payment is not received, domain will be cancelled.

6.2.5 Thirty days after the expiration date of a domain, which means 60 days after the invoice issuance date, the domain shall be eliminated, which means cancellation, deactivation, definitive withdrawal from the data base and zone files, and it will be available for a new registry.

6.2.6 During the suspension, NIC.EC will keep the domain registry but will withdraw it from the zone files, which means, it can not be accessed through the Internet. During the elimination, the Registrant will stop having the use of such domain and that it may be registered by another Registrant. NIC.EC will keep the right to extend such periods whenever it deems it is appropriate, for example, when payment can be proven but because of banking or operative reasons, it has not been processed, or credited or applied.

6.2.7 For renewals of domains registered under and an email will be sent to the correspondent contact reminding of future expiration and in case that additional documentation is required it will be specifically requested. The renewal will be subject that a confirmation is sent by the Registrant or the Administrative Contact requesting the renewal and that they comply with the subsistence of documents , if they were required. In case that requisites are not complied , another reminder email will be sent and if still there is no compliance the domains will be suspended for further deletion.


All fees or amounts detailed in any information provided by NIC.EC is determined in $ or US$ or USD, which means dollars of the United States of America.


Domains may have registry and maintenance fees. Registry fee is due just on time when a new registry is done. Maintenance fee is due for annually periods for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years. In the registry of a new domain, there must be paid the registry fee and a one-year maintenance fee. For a better protection of a domain, there can be paid for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years. There may be some cases with more convenient fees for different periods, getting a discount for an in-advance payment. There may also be different fees for Ecuadorian persons and entities and for non - Ecuadorian persons and entities. Second or Third level domain fees, for periods and origin are the following:


The following fees are applicable exclusively for those registries in which both, Registrant and Administrative Contact are Ecuadorians or Ecuadorian entities duly registered in Ecuador, according NIC.EC Policies.

For domains under,,, and for registration or renewal for one or more years:

US$ amounts 1 2 3 5 10
Registration or Renewal 35  60 75 120 220

For domains under,, and for registration or renewal for one or more years:

US$ amounts 1 2 3 5 10
Registration or Renewal 20 36 51 75 130

A 14% must be added to these amounts because of the VAT (IVA) tariff (Value Added Tax).


Fees for non - Ecuadorians will be payable for all registries which Registrant or Administrative Contact are not Ecuadorians or Ecuadorian entities registered in Ecuador.

For domains under, for registration or renewal for one or more years fees are:

US$ amounts 1 2 3 5 10
Registration or Renewal 50  84 105 165 310

For domains under,, and for registration or renewal for one or more years:

US$ amounts 1 2 3 5 10
Registration or Renewal 20 36 51 75 310

A 14% must be added to these amounts because of the VAT (IVA) tariff (Value Added Tax).


The governmental and military entities of the Government and Army Force of Ecuador, are exempt for payment of domain registration and renewal fee , thus the fee is zero. This exemption is only valid for the domains that these entities register under and


For second level domains , the minimum registration period for domains directly under .EC, is two years, and the minimum renewal term is one year. The renewal fee for one year is $35 for Ecuadorians and $50 for non-Ecuadorians, plus tax. The following are fees for registration or renewal.

Fees for .EC second level domains for Ecuadorians are applicable exclusively for domains in which both, Registrant and Administrative Contact are Ecuadorians or Ecuadorian entities duly registered in Ecuador, according NIC.EC Policies.

US$ Amounts 2 3 5 10
.EC Ecuadorians 60 75 120 220

Fees for .EC second level domains for Non-Ecuadorians are applicable for domains where Registrant or Administrative Contact are not Ecuadorians or Ecuadorian entities registered in Ecuador.

US$ Amounts   2 3 5 10
.EC Non -Ecuadorians 84 105 165 310

Additionally, some names are classified as Premium Names based on its name structure or in some cases as generic names, for which there are a different fees. These names are classified in four levels and fees are published in the web page. A 14% must be added to these amounts because of the VAT (IVA) tariff (Value Added Tax).


When a domain is transferred from one Registrant to another, a fee of US$25 (for Ecuadorians and non - Ecuadorians) will be payable. Once the domain transfer forms and legal documents are received, the collection of such fee will be processed. Domain will not be transferred to the new Registrant until the fee for domain transfer has been paid. Either the new Registrant or the former one can make such payment. Such fee is not linked in any way to the reason or motive of such transfer and is absolutely independent from the terms agreed by the involved Registrants in such transfer.


8.1 All services rendered by NIC.EC and for which an invoice is issued to any entity or person, Ecuadorian or non - Ecuadorian, are imposed with the value added tax "VAT" (IVA), according Ecuadorian legislation. Its tariff is 14% . All fees for all services rendered by NIC.EC included in any document, policy, reference information or web page, do not include VAT, which means that such tax must be added.

8.2 Tax retention practiced by legal person of Ecuador.

When legal persons of Ecuador pay NIC.EC and withhold the pertinent income tax retention and, in the case of Special Taxpayers that also withhold the VAT, the retention certificates shall be delivered to NIC.EC to allow to it to impute a payment. If such certificates are not delivered, payment shall not be processed.

NIC.EC is not responsible for pick up tax retention or accounting documents.
Also NIC.EC do not cover shipping costs thereof.


There are several payment options such as credit card, check, bank deposit and bank transfer . The options are described below:

9.1. Payment for a new domain registry with a credit card

When application took place on-line and is paid for with a credit card, credit card charge authorization is processed as well as other control and invoicing processes. Once the application and the credit card charge are approved, the domain is activated immediately. Once a domain is activated and billed, an email will be send to the Administrative Contact confirming the domain activation and the credit card charge.

9.2 Deposit with payment order Pichincha Bank

In case you choose the deposit option in the Pichincha Bank with payment order, your order will be generated once your invoice has been issued and notified by email. With the payment order you may cancel your invoices in the following ways:

Banco del Pichincha agencies throughout the country.

"MI VECINO" agencies.


Online transfers from the Pichincha Bank web site (Applies only to customers of the Pichincha Bank)


9.2.1 Information for a wire transfer

If you want to make a payment through a wire transfer, banking costs must be assumed by whoever is making such payment. If a partial payment is received, it will be imputed but the domain will not be active until full payment is received. The banking information is the following:

Beneficiary: NIC.EC (NICEC) S.A.
Checking account: 1314137-06
Bank: Pacific National Bank
1390 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
USA Phone: (305) 539-7500
Fax: (305) 539-7600
ABA: 066011350


For the registry of a domain, certain information is required and the one doing such registry must give it. This include the name of the third or second level domain, second level domain classification, Registrant’s information therefore the organization or person entitled with the domain use right, information of the Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact, Domain Servers names (DNS) and the IP addresses. For the organization and contacts, information must be as complete as possible including complete addresses, phones, email and identification numbers.

The Administrative Contact information is very important in all its content , is used for to issue invoice and is the one that has the user / password for managing the domains.

This information will be publicly available, which means will be free accessed, according the international parameters of domain names administration. This access will be done through the Whois that is a mechanism that will show the information on an established format.

The Administrative Contact and/or the Registrant Organization are responsible for the update of the information. Email addresses are crucially important as it will be the communication mean that will be used by NIC.EC. Also, NIC.EC will keep the right to communicate using different means. If because of non-updated information, NIC.EC could not communicate with the Registrant or the Administrative Contact for notices of renewal, cancellation of anything related the registered domain, NIC.EC will have no responsibility on the actions taken on the registered domain.


Modifications are any change or update done by the Administrative Contact on the information about addresses, phone, fax, email, names and last names of the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts, as well as the names of the DNS or their respective IP addresses. There can even be updated the Registrant information, except the name of the organization or person, because in such case, it will be deemed to be facing a domain transfer, that should be ruled by a different policy and procedure that is also included in these policies.


12.1 Domain transfer is a transfer of a domain name from a current Registrant to a new Registrant. This means that the domain use rights are transferred to another Registrant. Transfer will be deemed to be a cancellation of a domain name of an Registrant and the creation of the same domain name for a different Registrant, both done simultaneously, considering the Application form process and the acceptance of the Registry Agreement and Policies. In order to execute a transfer, there must not be any unpaid fee and a period of at least six months, must has passed since the creation of the domain. The transfer procedure is not quick, as original documentation is required on pre-established formats set out by NIC.EC. These shall be send with the proof of action of a Public Notary. Also, there are certain documents that must be sent and NIC.EC may request additional documents if necessary and/or additional notarial acts, for example, in non - Ecuadorians’ cases. Registry and maintenance fees do not include the transfer costs. There are specific fees for that purpose and those are included in these policies within the fees’ chapter. Transfer fee may be paid by the current Registrant or by the new Registrant, even though, the final responsibility of it belongs to the new Registrant.

NIC.EC is not involved in the cause, terms or negotiation of the transfer between both Registrants.

NIC.EC will limit its action to fulfill an instruction given by both Registrants.

Domain transfer is not the same as information modifications on data about the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts, or their addresses, or the DNS or their IP addresses. Those are only a modification without a change on the Registrant.

This process will take from 4 to 6 weeks once NIC.EC receive correctly all documents. Time may vary depending on the fulfillment of all requisites.


Transfer form established by NIC.EC, duly certified by a Public Notary. Notarial act must take place on current Registrant’s domicile. If current Registrant is non - Ecuadorian, it is possible to be required a legalization practiced by the Ecuadorian Consulate or Embassy, besides the notarial act.

Photo id of the people signing the document.

Persons signing the Transfer form on behalf each party, must be their legal representative. Their appointment note must be delivered. No payment must be overdue. The request will not be processed if full payment is not done.


If the domain to be transferred is new, it can not be transferred before 180 days have gone by after the registry fee payment date. If it is a domain that has more than a year, it can not be transferred before 30 days have gone by after the renewal fee payment date if such payment was done with a check or a credit to a bank account and not before 150 days if such payment was done with a credit card.


13.1 All domain registered in NIC.EC must have DNS information for the Primary server and the Secondary server. For each server, it is needed the name of the server and the pertinent IP address in order to include it in the zone files. Without the DNS information, domain may exists but without being in the zone files, it can not be accessed through the internet, which means that if the registered domain is for a web page or email, this will not be accessed or seen and the emails will not be received. The precise and correct information on servers names and IP addresses given to NIC.EC are an exclusive responsibility of the person requiring the registry or modifying the information. NIC.EC is not responsible for the lack of access if this information is not correct or not updated, as well as neither will be responsible if the defined servers are correct but did not work.

13.2 Also, for those domain registries which purpose is to reserve the name and use it in the future for a web page or email, NIC.EC will temporarily assign DNS information, but with full knowledge of the Registrant that his/her domains will not be Internet accessed. This way, it is guarantied that all domains have at least two DNS. When the Registrant wishes to use his/her domain through the Internet, he/her will have to modify the DNS information. These do not change the normal conditions and applicable fees for a registered domain.


14.1 Web pages design, Internet access service and email service

NIC.EC is not a provider of Internet services. NIC.EC is not a provider of email. NIC.EC does not develop, design or host web pages. These kinds of services must be obtained from Internet services providers and/or web pages designers or developers. Therefore, fees paid to NIC.EC are exclusive for the registry and maintenance of the domain name granted by NIC.EC and, therefore, do not include email address costs, internet access web page design or web page host.

14.2 Other domains of higher levels

NIC.EC only register domain names within the superior domain level .EC. Therefore, domains .com, .net, .org, as a higher level, which means without the .EC on their right side, must be requested to different authorized Registrars. Domains under the first level with other country’s initials are not registered by NIC.EC but by appointed registrars in each country.

14.3 Providers and Intermediaries

Domains under .ec can be registered directly through NIC.EC, but may also be requested through Internet Service Providers, Lawyers, Domain Registration Services , etc . In many cases the contact with NIC.EC is one of these entities , therefore the fees and in general the conditions described in this Policies are NIC.EC´s. Therefore other specific conditions , such as Fees , that these intermediaries that act on behalf of the Registrant, apply to the Registrant , are not under the liability of NIC.EC.


15.1 Renewals under , and

The renewals of these domains are subject to fee payment according to fee described in chapter 7.1.1 of this Policies , however those domains under , and with expiration date until July 31, 2002 inclusive , the renewal will be subject to the remittance of the updated documentation , in case it was requested , and will not be subject to the fee payment.


The following information and definitions are a reference to the terms used is these policies or in NIC.EC’s web page.

ccTLD: means Country Code Top Level Domain. For example, the country code for Ecuador is .ec, for France is .fr and for Japan is .jp.

Administrative Contact: Contact that will perform and manage the domain information through a Registry Application or other means on behalf the Registrant. This Contact is the one authorized to request modifications of other contacts and DNS servers. If the domain is invoiced, the bill will be issued with the information of the Administrative Contact. In cases of Internet providers, web page designers, domain registrars, law firms that register an Registrant’s name and act as Administrative Contact, the invoice will be issued to this companies and not to the Registrant.

Billing Contact: Contact that has the capacity to answer questions about invoices and payments. The Administrative Contact is responsible for payment. Billing Contact may be the same Administrative Contact. The invoice is not issued to the Billing Contact. The invoice is related to the Administrative Contact information .

Technical Contact: Contact for questions and confirmations on technical data, as DNS and IP addresses. Modifications to information of DNS must be requested by the Administrative Contact. Technical Contact may be the same Administrative Contact.

.COM.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for Commercial use in general.

Web page designer: person or enterprise that works in graphic design and information access of a web page.

IP addresses: is the group of four numbers separated by three dots that identify a computer within the Internet. The range of each number is 0 to 255.

2LD: are the initials of second level domain.

Second level domains: in Ecuador, are the domains that go before the .ec, such as,, etc and names that may be registered under .ec.

3LD: are the initials of third level domain.

Third level domains: in Ecuador, are the domain names that may be registered under the already determined second level domains.

.EDU.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names by Educational entities, institutions and organizations such as Schools, Universities, High Schools and Institutes registered in Ecuador.

.EC: The letters EC are those appointed to identify the Republic of Ecuador and .EC (dot EC) belongs to the Top Level Domain for the Republic of Ecuador

Email: electronic mail, sometimes called only email, sometimes called email address. Its format is usually the following:

.FIN.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for financial institutions.

.GOB.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for the Government of the Republic of Ecuador and governmental entities.

IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

ICANN: Internet Corporation of Assigned Numbers and Names.

.K12.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for kindergartens, elementary and high schools.

.MED.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for medical, health, pharmaceutical, and medicine related entities and institutions.

.MIL.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for the Armed Forces of Ecuador.

Domain names: a domain name is an unique alphanumeric name, used to identify a specific computer (e.g. a web server or a mail server) within Internet. Domain names allow Internet users to write a name, as, to identify a numeric address of Internet protocol as The purpose of domains is to permit users logged onto Internet to find web sites and send emails to addresses with familiar names, as "" or "", without having to memorize numeric addresses, which are the ones who really locate computers or servers within the Internet.

.NET.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for providers of Internet services and entities dedicated to the administration of Internet networks.

.ORG.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for non-profit institutions and entities. Non-governmental organizations registered in Ecuador.

Web page: document located on the web with information and links with other documents also located on the web..

PRO.EC: is the second level domain to register third level domain names for professional, such as lawyers, arquitects, accountants, etc.

Internet services providers: a provider of Internet access services, email services or hosting of web pages services.

Registrant: is the organization or person that is entitled with the usage rights of the registered domain name.

Domain names servers (DNS): are the initials of domain name servers. Is the name of the server that performs as a database to interpret an IP address in a domain name. TLD: Top level domain. Basically, they are .com, .net and .org without any other initial on their right side. In Ecuador, the TLD is .EC according the ccTLD table.

UDRP: Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Whois: is a tool found on the web page or other systems that allow users to visualize information about a domain name. NIC.EC’s whois show an .ec domain name data on the Registrant, the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts, the DNS and IP addresses, creation date, expiration date and last modification date. Information found in the Whois is public information.

www: world wide web, also known as web, is the group of interconnected documents within the Internet network.